Best Ways To Fix A Lover’s Quarrel

How do you fix a lover’s quarrel?

Having an argument with your lover is normal. It’s okay to have an argument with someone, especially if the argument can help you both grow as an individual and as a lover to your lover. There’s nothing to worry about having an argument because that shows how much you want to help both of your selves grow. People have this misconception that when lovers argue, mean they are falling out of love with each other. Well, it could be, but in a mature relationship, lovers argue because they have different thoughts about certain situation and would want to hear out each other with getting violent.

The best way to do when in an argument with your lover:

  1. Relax
    Relax your mind.
  2. Open Your Mind
    Think that we all have different thoughts in life. We are all born unique.
  3. Listen
    Learn to listen to what your partner is tying to tell you.
  4. Understand
    Try to understand why your partner thinks that way.
  5. Talk
    Talk with respect. Talk without raising your voice.