Tips for having an honest discussion about job satisfaction with your boss

You’re not happy. You haven’t been for weeks, but you can’t tell your boss.

After all, what if it backfires? Open communication and honesty don’t seem like your boss’ style — a typical perception in many organizations, and particularly for new employees. In fact, only half of employees believe their boss is open and upfront with them, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2014 Work and Well-Being Survey.

Regardless of this stifling perception, you should speak up. If you experience something in your job that makes you unhappy and isn’t within your direct control, say so. It’s the only way your boss can work to make it better — and you simply can’t expect them to be a mind-reader. So get yourself together, get in there and make the job better, simply by getting real with your boss.

Here are a few suggestions to consider before you share what’s on your mind.

  1. Make sure you’re a rock star first
  2. Make an uncensored list, but edit professionally before you speak
  3. Don’t be needy or whine
  4. Don’t get cold feet
  5. Finally, don’t be entitled

Walk in with a neutral or objective mindset, and approach the conversation in a balanced way. Mention what you appreciate about the role and working environment, then note an area that needs improvement — and say why it’s important to you.

Be open to responses, engage in the conversation, and work toward your end goal with your boss. The less your boss feels blindsided, the more receptive you’ll find him or her to be.

It’s vital to be honest with your boss about the things that need improvement, so he or she can see areas in the organization where positive changes can be made. Often, you’ll find your boss very willing to address issues impacting employee happiness or productivity.

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Tips to Build an Award-Winning Company Culture and Multi-Million Dollar Business

When brothers Seth and Noah Goodman started Northstar Recycling five years ago as a spin-off from a family business that was started in 1896, they wanted to make an impact. Not only were they looking to help the environment with their solutions to help companies with large manufacturing and distribution centers recycle more and landfill less, but they wanted to make an impact on their employees’ lives.

With accolades ranging from one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women to Fortune’s list of 50 Best Workplaces for Camaraderie as well as achieving multi-millions of dollars in sales, these brothers know a thing or two about building a great business by investing in culture.

Below are five of Seth and Noah Goodman’s top suggestions for building an award-winning company culture.

  1. Live core values
  2. Encourage open dialogue
  3. Practice impartiality
  4. Be honest
  5. Have fun

From a “casual and comfortable” dress policy to a pet-friendly work environment, Northstar tries to make their workplace one that employees look forward to coming to. They also provide cool amenities like an in-house barbershop, a continuous supply of complimentary snacks and beverages, a patio area with a grill and satellite radio for each employee.

They also have quarterly meetings and an annual company party, where everyone participates in teambuilding activities such as scavenger hunts, square dancing lessons and painting classes. Plus, employee are also treated to monthly massages and an annual retreat in a fun, active destination to promote a fun and healthy work-life balance for their employees.

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